Getting Fired for Disruptive Behavior

April 27, 2012

Here is a Pennsylvania case in which a woman was fired from her job and denied unemployment insurance payments after being accused of engaging in disruptive behavior at work.  What I found interesting about this case was how low the threshold for termination was.  The employee didn’t physically hit or threaten anyone; she was just very disruptive and not professional.

Times are changing.  Well, perhaps I should say times have been changing.  What used to be tolerated, ignored or otherwise swept under the carpet is now being addressed head-on.  (This is not a bad thing!).  We all need to be more keenly aware of how we conduct ourselves at work, how we interact with people, how we treat our customers and colleagues, etc.  Businesses recognize that rudeness is not just unpleasant but it’s bad for the bottom line, and as such, it will not be permitted at work.


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