psychologist, therapist, counselorPrior to your first appointment, there are a few things that need to happen.  First, I’d like you to read a little about me and how I use individual therapy and couples therapy to help people.  Then you should contact me so we can schedule an initial consultation, and you can ask me any questions you might have about this process.  Finally, you’ll need to complete some intake forms and return them to me.  If you are hoping to use health insurance to cover a portion of the fees, you’ll also want to read my insurance and fees page; there are some very specific questions to ask your insurance company at the bottom of that page.

Intake Forms

You have two options when completing the intake forms:
  1. You can complete the forms on-line and automatically submit them to me, or
  2. You can download, print and fill out hard copies of the forms.

Records from Other Providers

If you currently are, or in the past have been, treated by a psychologist, social worker, employee assistance program, psychiatrist, neurologist or any other relevant health care professional, it would be very helpful to have your records forwarded to me during the course of our work together.  With your permission, I also like to touch base with your primary care physician in case there is ever a need for the two of us to communicate with each other. Please complete and sign an Authorization for Release of Medical Records so that your other health care providers and I can speak with each other and/or share limited medical records to coordinate your care.


You can pay for services using cash, check or credit card.