Individual Therapy

individual therapy, psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, therapyPeople often use a variety of different terms when referring to Individual Psychotherapy.  For example some people call it counseling, therapy, individual therapy and even coaching.  In reality the similarities between these terms are far greater than any differences.

Your relationship with me

The central and most important component of individual psychotherapy is the therapeutic relationship between the psychologist and his patient.  I believe this is the main “tool” I have when working with people to help them adapt to situations, change their behavior, work through relationship troubles, etc.  In fact, I often use the following metaphor to explain this to my patients and students:  “The surgeon helps you by using his scalpel; the internist uses her prescription pad; I use our therapeutic relationship.”

Clearly each helping professional possesses expertise and a specific knowledge base, but we affect change using different methods.  I strongly believe one needs to be an active participant (rather than a passive recipient) during the individual therapy process.  I empower my patients to use psychotherapy in whatever way most greatly benefits them.

Please contact me to schedule an initial consultation so we can start to improve how you manage your emotions and your interactions with those around you.