Various employers and agencies require prospective employees to undergo psychological evaluation as a part of the hiring or assignment process. This often occurs when applicants disclose a history of being in therapy, receiving medication or having a psychiatric diagnosis. Employers cannot discriminate based upon this information, but particularly with safety-sensitive positions, they will want to seek some reassurance that the applicant will be safe and successful in their new role. Sometimes they even ask for recommendations to improve the chances of a successful transition to the new job.

For these types of evaluations, my consultation fees start at $275/hour and I do not accept insurance.  Usually in such situations, the referring agency (e.g., your prospective employer) will give you a letter or a form that details exactly what they need in the letter or report from me.  Depending on what sort of documentation they require, this will usually not take longer than two to three hours (including the letter writing time).  My policy is that payment must be made prior to performing the evaluation.  If desired, you can start by submitting payment for the evaluation appointment only ($275), and when I’m done doing the evaluation and reviewing records, you can make payment for the anticipated additional time, at which point I will start composing the report/letter.

Prior to an evaluation, I will need you to do the following:

  1. email, mail or deliver all relevant medical records, letters, etc. to me so I have time to review them before we schedule the evaluation;
  2. complete this intake form and submit it to me on-line;
  3. print out and read this consent form (note that in bullet #1, in contrast to a lot of the work I do where an employer or school pays for the evaluation, in this case you will be the client and the subject), and bring it with you to the scheduled evaluation.

If you are interested in scheduling a time for an evaluation, please contact me to let me know when you’re available to come in (and please first send me the medical records and letter/form referenced above as soon as possible).