Misguided Perspective of Psychotherapy

September 15, 2011

Time Magazine ran an interview style article with a recent president of APA that, in my opinion, demonstrated a horribly misguided understanding of psychotherapy.  The piece starts out by addressing a very real and complex set of public health problems: there are many people in need of psychological treatment that don’t have access; there is confusion about what works in psychotherapy (and why); there are quacks out there treating patients without adequate training and supervision; etc.  However the quality of the article quickly slides out of control with bizarre misrepresentations of psychotherapy efficacy literature, personal opinions stated as fact and other unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of psychotherapy.

I feel it was irresponsible of Time Magazine to run such a piece without a balanced perspective, without interviewing someone more familiar with or who has more in-depth understand of the psychotherapy efficacy literature.


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