Ethics Workshop Submission

Do you have a really interesting topic that you think would be relevant to other ethics workshop participants at the Rathbone and Associates training at 4H Center on June 23, 2017?  If so, use the form below to submit the situation, dilemma or question for Dr. Heitt’s consideration.  He will review all submissions and select a few for inclusion at the ethics workshop.  Topics more likely to be chosen for discussion will be those that are relevant to most participants present and/or topics that are particularly interesting, challenging, etc.  There is no promise that Dr. Heitt will use your topic.

Please remove, modify or at least limit any identifying information to protect the identities of all involved (e.g., you, your patient, your colleagues, your employer, etc).  I am requesting your name and contact information in case I have additional questions for you.

Please make your submission prior to June 1, 2017.  Late submissions will most likely not be able to be included.

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    By submitting your topic you are granting Dr. Heitt permission to use your topic in his presentation.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Heitt directly.